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Stone Patio Contractors Raleigh, NC

Statements In Stone

Stone Patio Masonry Contractors Raleigh

Statements In Stone offers more than just the installation of manufactured paving stones.

We also offer the design and installation of natural paving stones; like Travertine, Bluestone (Blue Stone) and Flagstone (Flag Stone). We offer a system of building patios and installation different than traditional methods to accommodate the climate here in North Carolina.


Our patio crews have taken what works with the installation of brick and concrete pavers and applied it to the installation of natural stone. Traditional installations of natural stone around Raleigh have included a concrete base with the stones set in a mortar bed and jointed (process of filling the joints)with mortar. With this type of installation, moisture/water can find it’s way between the stones and the concrete and in the winter this water freezes and expands causing cracking in the mortar joints.  Often times, the stones will come loose from the mortar bed during this freeze.

Depending on the installation, we install a limestone aggregate or concrete base. We then install a sand setting bed dry mixed with a portland cement. This setting bed will harden but still remain flexible and the stones don’t necessarily stick to the stones. We then add a unique mixture of polymer binders and calibrated crushed stone in the joints of the stones and it gets firm like mortar yet remains flexible. In our gallery are just a few of the natural stone projects that we’ve installed using our system in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Outdoor living spaces

Raleigh, NC

The idea of an outdoor living space has transformed over the past few years. Instead of only doing a simple rectangular patio, many are choosing to add other elements like seating walls, fireplaces or fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and natural stone to warm up the space and make it a friendly outdoor extension of your home's living space.

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