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It’s on loan from the land for our short visit here.

We gather and stack it so crops will appear.

It keeps in our stock, and defines what we claim,

a stone is a stone by no other name.

It becomes our foundation, and won’t rot or decay,

and it doesn’t need water or food everyday.

We bring it inside and build fires in it’s place, then enjoy

and keep warm by it’s strong weathered face.

It comes in all colors, without paint, peel or paste,

and to hammer or sand it would be such a waste

for it’s beauty still lies in it’s natural state,

be it granite or limestone or Green mountain slate.

We drive on it’s surface, and play in it’s sand, then carve out great statues like David, by hand.  We built temples and castles and monuments tall, large structures of strength, and the Great China Wall.  So when you see some stone, be sure to admire the pleasure it brings you, as you warm by that fire, or when you see some stone that makes you feel good, perhaps in a fence in a field, or a wall in the wood.  Give thanks to the men who were laying their claim, to the land with the stone, by no other name.

-Paul Gordon Bronson 7/22/2000

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